4 Day Work Week

A "trial" that claims to be the biggest 4-day working week that has begun within the UK.



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Well not yet.. a "trial" claims to be the biggest such trial of a 4-day working week has begun within the UK.

Countries elsewhere, notably France, have long had this 4-day week...with critics and supporters arguing about the impact.

In the sixties, the English band Beatles released a song titled Eight Days a Week...the standard 7 days were not enough to express love!

Be that as it may...barely a century earlier the Parliament in England passed the Factory Act in 1833...when the Industrial Revolution was in full swing.

The act provided:

- No children were to work in factories under the age of 9

- A maximum working week of 48 hours was set for those aged between 9 to 13, limited to eight hours a day

- For children aged between 13 and 18, it was limited to 12 hours daily


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So generous and forward-thinking!

NOTE: It was not ok for an 8-year-old kid to work in a factory, but a 9-year-old could...as long as 48 hours per week was the max!

And now almost 200 years later we are "experimenting" with a 4-day week.

And kids working is unthinkable...prohibited everywhere in the world, though sadly not fully enforced.

Things have come a long way...from kids working in factories to ESG (Environmental Social and Governance) and all that!

I think the 4-day week trial will be a resounding success.

That proverbial work-life balance will then be so perfect ...that any tilt either way will upset all stakeholders.

And, once the 4-day week is commonplace...

Yay....we will have only 4 days to tell everyone what we did on the 3-day weekend!!

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